Realistic Point of View

On a full moon night, while i was waiting for my transformation to become a werewolf, i made another decision. 

I will start to write in my mother language for this blog. And my mother speaks Indonesian, whatever mother language means. haha. I started another blog last year, supposed to be a food blog, in indonesian language, just to be very comfortable. I expected i would write it more often, and update my blog more regularly. 

Apparently it didn't turn out like that. I'm so lame in updating my blog, and what's the point of having two blogs really. I'm not even sure if anyone will read this hahaha. 

The aim having a blog for me is to share experiences and getting used to write stories. Also encouraging myself to write in (bad) English. So i'm kind of merging these two blogs.

It's a bit sentimental to leave my other blog (with only 7 posts since last year hahaha), but that's the decision.

I will still write in english, and my english will still be at monkey level. But i will keep writing. 


Ron said...

Menulis yang penting fun. :)

Sukses untuk terus menulis ya :D

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