Throwback - Morotai

I went to this island about 4 months ago, between our works for Awareness of North Mollucan endemic birds and its parrots conservation. The island is like a diamond in the rough. Despite of unorganized infrastructure and developments, the history value of this island is valid. It has a big part in the Pacific War on World War II, where MacArthur selected this island for air bases to support the liberation of Mindanao.

There is a big issue of Illegal birds trade (especially parrots) happening in North Maluku. The birds there are so pretty, people keep them inside the cage, or catch and selling them as valuable gift. 
We are working hard doing awareness related with this issue, you can support in any way including photos, arts, or stories contribution, purchase merchandise, or just to tell others about our works. If you want to support or to get more information; please visit our website

Fish-eyed photos by Mahe, and lorius garrulus photos by Fahrul.


Allison Taylor said...

Prettiest photos ever. I love the fisheye! And that last picture of those birds... so beautiful!

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