Trip - Last Sunday Afternoon.

Last Sunday Afternoon was started by a round soft sunset and end up with round bright fullmoon
Spent time with boyfriend walking around his place and eating Burger.



have been trying to figure out ways to properly uploading photos to this blog.
I think i've found out a way with picassa web album.
Right now i feel like..

I was going to promise myself that i will post more often and committed.
But i shouldn't promise i should just do it.
*still yay-ing*

Need to organize

When you're planning too many projects and get overexcited you can't decide which one to do first...
you end up doing none.


Grow - Pigeon Orchid


Sooooo pretty, Smell so gooood... Sadly it only blooms for a couple of days..
It's one of the tropic's prouds
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