Throwback - Morotai

I went to this island about 4 months ago, between our works for Awareness of North Mollucan endemic birds and its parrots conservation. The island is like a diamond in the rough. Despite of unorganized infrastructure and developments, the history value of this island is valid. It has a big part in the Pacific War on World War II, where MacArthur selected this island for air bases to support the liberation of Mindanao.

Happy Belated Birthday

The guy now is 30 years old.
I did my best to prepare surprises and it failed big time hahaha, 
but this guy kept smiling and being happy as i expected he'd be. 


Explore - Morning Walk

So i did a little walk around where i live. I was surprised to see so many little beauties i found along the walk.



Recently i was being told that i have too much thoughts focused just on food and gastronomy. 
I guess from now on i have to share my love for other things, they might be as excited as well.
 And this wasn't planned to be a sad blog, actually, but i'm about to cry now. hahaha.


Throwback - Lombok

Two years ago we had a short trip to one of my favorite places.
Flying, riding, sailing, hopping, diving, from beach to beach. 

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