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I got very excited when i see plants. It makes me happy just to stare at them. 

That's why every once in a while i spent some time to go to places that has collection of plants. With intention to learn and just to see new species, i always end up broke. And i will never learn.

This place is about one hour from where i live, on weekdays. If it's weekend i will need 5 hours to get there. So taking a day off from work was totally worth it.

Green houses are always be my destination, i know that's where they keep the good ones. I also know that would be the place where i will lose my money. 
This place has five greenhouses. 

Like women in general, i like to shop. So when i started to like to garden, i made a promise to myself, to never buy plants unless if it can be harvested, or if it is succulent. Because succulents relatively easy to take care of, the risk to waste money for crying a dead plants is lower. 

But would you please see what they have inside. 

I just didn't know what to do, what to think...

Those burrows tails..

.. and finger succulents..

I just had to get out from there... after 3 hours or so...

How can you not loving these... i think just to see its textures is already comforting.

Loving these leaves particularly. White young leaves turned into green, with dark magenta color on the back. SO PRETTY!! they are just leaves i know but it's really pretty!!

After i got home i took pics of some of the plants i got, the ones with flowers.  

And these are the folks until a couple of months ago. 

I keep adding a few, some of them are already grown now. Still love them as much, if not more. 
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