Eat - Papeda

I just went back from a work trip to North Maluku. No words to describe that's why i'm gonna upload more pictures to do it. But for now let me introduce you to something called 'Papeda'

My first papeda experience at Ternate. Here the system is like a buffet package. Pay 20 thou rupiah *about 2 usd, and you can grab anything served at the table. 

The papeda i have to get used to it, because it has no taste and so sticky literally like glue, we should just swallow without chewing it. But the tumeric yellow fish soup and every other dish meant to add some decent varieties that makes this food so special. 

It is important to pour the soup first to your plate so the sago congee wont stick to the plate. To put papeda to your plate is another interesting story. Needed two sticks to roll it quick and make it a sticky ball straight to the plate. After we pass this step then we can be glad and put anything else to the plate. 

Another speciality to eat with papeda is gohu ikan. It is made from raw tuna mixed with plenty of herbs (chilis, shallot, basil leaves, garlic, lime, salt, coconut oil, fried peanuts, and more).

Me personally would prefer the steamed cassava than the papeda. Just because the steamed cassava is so good and do well with the tumeric soup. Yum :)



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