Learn - Nudibranch


Do you believe that aliens are exist? From wildest imaginations humans have created about aliens in comics and tv, there are thousands of wicked shaped real creatures living underwater.
Top of my faves list would be nudibranch [nude-a-brank].

With more than 3000 species exist ( that's like more than 3000 kinds of them, and still many are unidentified!), this chewycandy-looked animal (yes, animal) are solarpowered, able to do photosynthesis, and have reproductive organs of both sexes (hermaphrodite).
They are so weird, colorfoul, fascinating and incredibly inspiring.

I'm a beginner diver and haven't had the skill to capture its beauty by myself, but i have to share these pictures from an amazing underwater photographer david doubilet so you'd just see and understand what i am babbling here.

check the full gallery right here.


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