Talk the Talk Walk the Dog

I talk to my dogs and i tell them this often: "I'll walk you more."
My first boy Kay von Elingprigel, is an 11 year old massive, big-headed, giant-eared, round eyed, jumping-around-thinks-he's-a-small-puppy, super spoiled german shepherd. He can do whatever he wants freely in our front yard. When i go to work or when i got home that's what tell him. Last week i found out that he couldnt walk, barely could stand (but still enthusiastically eating fast and alot, halleluyah). We took him to the vet and after one week he is now able to stand and walk to me whenever he sees me.Took him for a morning walk and he loved it. Sad to see that he gets tired so fast now. But i will try my best to keep him being a happy puppy.

"Shall we go now? Shall we? now?"

"Stop taking pictures of the flowers already."

"Let's take a rest. By the way, you got food?"

"Yezzzz... yezzzz.."

"See you this afternoon?"

Even the largest belt is tight to his chest. This dog is big.


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