Throwback - Tondano

April 2010 - Easter trip.

Went to North Sulawesi with my mother and her friends to meet her another friend and her friends. Beside of gathering new mom's friends, what i love from this trip were:
  1. Purple cross and hand-made Jesus' empty graves-replicas al over the streets. It was very Easter-y
  2. Beautiful, beautiful, sceneries.
  3. Gospel Minahasa cassettes playing all over the markets
  4. Six different kinds of chili sauce on every meal. And probably about 23 kinds of dishes per meal? Boy, do Minahasa people know how to eat well!
  5. Motorbike riders and passengers don't have to wear helmet to church. This is because police officers would understand that you dont want to mess your hairdo. They go to church too. Same rule when you're invited to wedding receptions, because police officers got invited too.
Tondano lake, people, and of course food. I would love so much to go back.


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