Eat - Rotini Curry Rice with Fried Mackerel

Sorry about the poor resolution of the photo. I know i should take better pictures for the next posts. It was just a spontaneous lunch. and i added rice just because it was too salty hahaha.

So i'm gonna try to share this i hope it will work for you too. All the ingredients should just be measured by your taste and instinct. (i know, i will put the measurements for the next posts too)

Fried Mackerel
  1. Mix salt and pepper with crushed lemon basil and lemon water (this is important, u can use bilimbi or tamarind too, tamarind usually makes ur fish would look darker when it's fried.), then soak mackerel fillets and leave for about 20-30 minutes (you can make your curry pasta while waiting for this)
  2. Deep fry the mackerel until it gets brown.

Curry Pasta
  1. Put together 1 cup of coconut milk (or water if you prefer lower fat), salt, pepper, garlic, curry powder, paprika powder, garlic, shallot, lemon basil, and whatever you want to be in your curry.
  2. Boil your pasta (i had rotini) with the curry until it's well cooked and the curry should be thicker too.
Then add your fried mackerel to the curry. I added nori and lemon basil leaves because i love those two. If you are a beginner in the cooking world like i am, you should taste your curry first, if it's too strong then you can add rice to neutralize a bit. (automatically will add some carb fat in your belly too)

So that's my premier recipe on the blog. Hope i will learn better and better :)


Trip - Last Sunday Afternoon.

Last Sunday Afternoon was started by a round soft sunset and end up with round bright fullmoon
Spent time with boyfriend walking around his place and eating Burger.



have been trying to figure out ways to properly uploading photos to this blog.
I think i've found out a way with picassa web album.
Right now i feel like..

I was going to promise myself that i will post more often and committed.
But i shouldn't promise i should just do it.
*still yay-ing*

Need to organize

When you're planning too many projects and get overexcited you can't decide which one to do first...
you end up doing none.


Grow - Pigeon Orchid


Sooooo pretty, Smell so gooood... Sadly it only blooms for a couple of days..
It's one of the tropic's prouds


I need a trip

I miss being an alien to beautiful places i've never known. Smile to the faces i've never known and try the taste i've never had. Enjoying the excitements and finding so much more than expectations..

Picture 339 (Large)
This photo taken on my trip to yunnan back at 2009. Loved the whole trip mostly the spot in this pic, called Shangri-la.


Grow - The Dancing Golden Ladies..

Dancing lady orchid from genus Onicidium, my mama always mentions it as golden shower.
It's one of my favorite sprays.

trying to watercolor.

Yikes it's difficult. How do you people make it seem so easy?


pasta attempt

anyone would let me know what's the difference between dumpling and stuffed pasta?

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