Eat - Blu d'Amare

Blu d'Amare Trattoria & Resort is one good place to stay. Their bungalows are comfort and nothing to complain about, staffs are friendly and smiling all the time, but what i'm gonna tell here is what makes this place is so special .. (drum rolls) DAMN GOOD FOOD!

I have taste the best bruschetta i ever had. Home-made pasta, fresh caught seafood, and tasty organic breakfast compliment in the morning.


Trip - Breaking a tradition

Happy New Year! 

Last two new years ive had same new year routine that i did with the boyfriend. 
We drove over a hill and watch live fireworks of three cities. 

This new year, well there was a sudden break plan from a best friend of mine. He needed me to plan for a year end holiday with him. This seemed impossible because boyfriend couldn't come along as he had works to do. 
And i thought this holiday plan could not happen. 

But if you have a super mega kindest boyfriend in the world like mine, that kind of thing could happen. 

So i took my friends to Lombok's gilis, the place i always come back to. 
These are some pictures from the trip.


Grow - Capsicum annuum

So it's common for Asian people to like hot spicy taste.
And it's common for Asian to have chili peppers on their backyard.
We also like to eat it with everything. Anything. savory, salty, bitter, even sweet stuff.

That's exactly why we grow it on our backyard. This is called bird's eye chili peppers. We don't eat chili that is less spicy than this. The explosions of this little things, makes tabasco taste just like strawberry jam haha.

Hot things are addictive. It's more than addiction, it's a basic need! 
Food, shelter, clothing,.. and chili peppers!!


Trip - Someone went somewhere...

So boyfriend went on a holiday with his cousins to Japan. 
Took my camera, but he had to leave me behind. (It's okay, it's okay)

This is what i told him : Take a picture of everything you eat.
 I know you dont like to eat that much, but just do it for me, please? 

He came back and got me so many little sweet snacks. 

And the pictures i asked. At the end of the trip tho, he got carried away taking pictures of motorbikes and forgot about this. Or he probably didn't eat. That's a possibility. I still consider him as a good photographer.

Anyway, i'm sharing the pictures so when you look at them you will feel what i feel. 

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