Trip - Breaking a tradition

Happy New Year! 

Last two new years ive had same new year routine that i did with the boyfriend. 
We drove over a hill and watch live fireworks of three cities. 

This new year, well there was a sudden break plan from a best friend of mine. He needed me to plan for a year end holiday with him. This seemed impossible because boyfriend couldn't come along as he had works to do. 
And i thought this holiday plan could not happen. 

But if you have a super mega kindest boyfriend in the world like mine, that kind of thing could happen. 

So i took my friends to Lombok's gilis, the place i always come back to. 
These are some pictures from the trip.


The typical super friendly bartenders/ unstoppable dancers/ party animals

Vodka joss. One of that once-in-a-life-time things.

Full Moon Party

Dive and dive and dive 

Love these Lombok ikat hammocks.

New Year's Eve Party! 

 Ravioli spinaci :)


Marlen said...

awww your boyfriend is so sweet to let you go on the holiday and not make a stink out of it! and good thing too, it looks AMAZING! oh how i wish i was on a beach with drinks right now ;)

Allison Taylor said...

Uhm this place looks like a dream. I love that you have a tradition on New Years Eve too!

natanoja said...

It is amazing! I can't wait to go back there :)

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