Grow - Sprouts and Buds

Very excited about Urban Jungle Bloggers' topic for spring, "New Beginnings"
A good time to share updates from natagarden too.

I repotted some of my plants into terracotta planters and they are adapting well.
It absorbs water quicker than i thought, i have to water them more often.
But this cycle gives faster growth and new buds.


Hoya bloomed gorgeous flowers when it's exposed to morning sunlight, but then the leaves get burnt and i was freaking out i'd kill it. So i gave it to rangga. Its living a happy life with a better plantparenting now.


Updates from two of my favorite leaves growing new babies. Still in awe every time i see this calathea fusion white, it got so much better and healthier from the first time i picked it up. Begonia immaculata strangely wants direct sunlight but cannot be overwatered. I'm still struggling with this one.


I finally found a way to keep my tillys alive. I put a bit of water on its bowl, and it turned out well. I water them every morning, but it looks they could survive for two days without watering. I also put them on the top of the shelf to make sure the air can reach them.

I'm thinking about doing an update every month, but wouldn't it be just another promise i cannot keep. haha.

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