Throwback - Karang Aji

December 2008

Went back to one of the best memories i had with my best friend.
We were on year-end holiday and really want a place to get away from the city.

I suggested to go to this place i had been wanting to go to. So we did a road trip for 3 hours to this surfers' favorite beach.

Indian Ocean!

Endless blue and green scenery.

We finally found our destination on a corner.
This building has 10 different rooms and other facilities like recreational space, kitchen, even swimming pool.


The best spot was this main room on the edge, it has bathroom and cozy bed too. We just didn't have the guts to sleep in such height.

So we picked the modest one, which was also comfortable and has a great view.

We spend three days and two nights here, doing almost nothing.  
Drinking wine, walk to the beach, smoking joints, chat with neighbours, and eating A LOT. 
Which describes a perfect getaway.

Of course we also took a climb to that viewing point. 

Took a pizza bet to get there, but the view was priceless.

7 years has passed and still looking for a chance to go back here. Soon, maybe. 

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