Throwback - Motegi Japan 2013

October 2013

Caution: You might love this post if you're into motorbikes.

Don't hate me for this, but my knowledge about motorbike is probably: monkey. A learning monkey, hopefully. But boyfriend's life is all about motorcycle. Last year around this time we made a video that won Airasia's contest to experience live moto GP Motegi circuit, Japan. There were each winner from five countries participated, we got full tickets, accomodation, and everything else all in for 3 days to watch practice, qualification and race day of MotoGP Japan at Motegi Twin Ring Circuit. (With very shallow, clueless tone:) I KNOW, RIGHT???

If you're into motorcycle you will continue reading this post, but excuse me for sharing this photo below:

For a Japan first-timer, wouldn't you be excited to see this on the bathroom? This pic was the first pic i took after i stepped in the land of Japan. I was so amazed. And during the trip, i also met 'warm water' buttons and 'bird sounds' buttons. I was already standing when i took this picture by the way.

But moving on, i was also so excited to try the food (of course) and feel the atmosphere, after all these years i only can imagine from manga comics and anime. 

A typical barbeque corner to eat and hang out,

Oh one of those hard times.

And even harder times. At times like this, only times like this, i wish i have all the money in the world.

It took 2 hours from Tokyo to get to our hotel, and it took another 2 hours from our hotel to get to Motegi circuit. We took bus for the whole trip, we didn't mind the trip at all because it was comfortable and everyone was very nice. But every once in a while we got too excited and couldn't wait to be at the destination. 

Especially on the first day.

Japan is so magical. This view sighted just right before we reached the entrance get. 

Now back to the motorcycle thing. 

The weather wasn't too friendly but we were happy to experience autumn in Japan. 

It was raining several times it made them have to wait the rain to stop for the engine to starts again, but for me it was "snacking time!"

And "drinking time!"
By the way i found out later that Asahi dry beer tall can i was so excited about, was 0% alcohol. I drank it anyway.

When the rain stopped, we could hear the engines singing their songs again. 

Between the practice, because Airasia was the main sponsor, they gave us full access to go to any area (except VIP and private ones). We could peek inside what it looked like, and more we could see what they were doing. And boyfriend did that all day long. He was really happy!

Airasia also had another contest for Japanese, to touch the motorbike and the last one who did not lose touch get the motorbike. Sounds simple. But with Japanese faith and persistency, the contest lasted for 2 days.

The next day was qualification day, it was much brighter than the first day. 

This is how we looked, smuggling in between Nicky Hayden's fans. 

But it was all about food for me. Don't worry, I will make a special post about that heavenly delicacy. 

I was going to tell him to shave that sideburns but i don't want him to think that i am pushy. Even though i am. I will find another way. Maybe if he doesn't want to i will ask him to shave just one side, because we need to be in a fair relationship. 

One the second day, it was much more crowded with medias and more fans on the ground. The atmosphere was very exciting. 

Airasia also gave us tour to KTM-Airasia Redbulls Moto3 pit, where we met all the riders and mechanics. They explained about engines, strategies, and share stories too.  I took picture with each of them no matter who. All of them were very kind and friendly.

This is a pic of Zulfahmi Khairuddin handed me a bag of goodies. If you really want to know what was inside the bag: The team's hat (signed), The Redbulls' buff, Each of rider's pictures (signer), Honda biker stickers, and his personal love letter for me --> i wish. 

I oddly got excited every time it started raining, i got to walk to the snack stalls. 

You can tell the fans didn't want to miss any chance or any condition to meet the riders. Rossi's and Yamaha's trailers front was never empty. They waited patiently and stood for hours. 

The whole 3 days yellow attributes dominated the circuit. Rossi is a living legend. We saw from a late senior woman wearing a kimono with 46 yellow hat, to a tiny little baby with Vale t-shirt. I was also with a guy who was wearing Rossi's attribute all the time. He's a die hard fan.

So this might be his favorite thing after motorbikes, Rossi, cats, dogs, anime and pizza. (that made me number 7, if you didn't really count.) It's the vending machine (i'm number 8 then). He loved that Airasia's umbrella as well, i could be number 9. 

At one point near those vending machines, i saw his smoking fingers were suddenly trembling while looking at the bathroom direction. He looked like he was seeing a ghost. When i turned my head..

VALENTINO ROSSI!! I couldn't believe how lucky we were. He was just two meters away from us!! Valentino Rossi goes to the bathroom too!! Like a normal human!! OH MY!! 

I screamed to ask for a shot and unexpectedly he stopped and agreed. 

That second was the peak happiness of our trip. 
After i clicked the shutter button, hundreds of yellow people just came out of nowhere and swarmed over him. Almost like smurf village, but yellow.
Obviously he couldn't stay too long so we had to let him go. We didn't want to, but we had to. It was difficult.

After that, the luck kept staying with us. After the qualifications end in the afternoon they let us to walk around at the pits' front

Honda pit, where Marquez and  Pedrosa hang out. haha. 

And this is one of the coolest places to watch Live MotoGP.

Cal Crutchlow's motorbike, with Cal Crutchlow as the foreground. 

Several times (everyday) we visited Indonesian racers Rafid Topan and Dony Tata to support them for the race. They both are very friendly and happy to see us. Rafid even showed the video we made that won the Airasia contest to his team, and everyone laughed at it. You can see it here, and you should!

Rafid won second position on Moto2 qualification that day!

On the afternoon, to end the fabulous day, AirAsia also managed for us to get another thing that i think even the racers haven't experience before. 

Ta daaaaaa!!

We got to ride the safety car of MotoGP!!! Now i think i've mentioned this word 'excited' so many times already in this post. But, come on?

The car was And there was the Race day. It was even more crowded and busier. 

Spanish national anthem has been played alot these last years.

And of course this baby with the widest smile ever, won the race.

I think we wouldn't be able to have a better way to spend 3 days at Motegi. Thank you Airasia for great memories we will always remember.


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