Eat - That Bacon Stall

I've promised to share you a post about bacon. Now here it is.

Do you have ever been eating something so good, it taste like a beautiful mystery?
When we were in Motegi Circuit Japan last year, there was this little stall that sell the thickest bacon skewed I had ever seen.

They just stacked them and grilled it very nicely. It looked so tempting I almost asked him if I could buy the whole stall.

So many questions in mind when you see this: how does it taste? Will the fat melt when I bite it? How many I could eat?

Textured like ham but not that salty. That caramelized glaze was just everything when it touched my tongue.

Keywords: Yummy, chewy, moist, savoury, sweet, crisp, warm, fat, yes.
This made us want to go back to Japan. 
Soon, Japan.. Soon.


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