Trip - Tokyo I Love You

Tokyo had always been my dream destination. After three days spent at Motegi, we had one and a half day to spend in Tokyo.

Arrived in Tokyo pretty late, we were still excited to take a stroll and eat dinner. We stayed at Ikebukuro area and we found that Tokyo never sleeps! At 11 pm on Monday most of the restaurants were still open, people coming home from work and having dinner like it was still 7pm. It wasn't crowded, but the city was still alive.

Always love alleys. Full of stories.

Oh curiousity.

The next day we had all day before flying back home at night.

We made a day stroll around Tokyo, to the typical tourist areas.

First was Tokyo's subway

Second was tasting Japanese pans!


This would be one of the highlights i had. Boyfriend bragged about this takoyaki i have to taste and he took me to here, i thanked him very much. 

That whole batch, please. Thank you. 


Just need a final touch of mayo.

Come to ma-mouth.

We continued with happy tummies.

No, i did not buy any hello kitty stuff. 

No I did not. 

This basement cafe caught our eyes, as it was the perfect time for legs to rest. 

Always in love with this kind of sight.

Still had some time but not much of money. So we made a stop to visit this inspiring legend.

The tourist information centre outside of Shibuya station.

This was a real potrait of Hachiko. There was an exhibition of Hachiko in photographs we would love to see, but too bad we didn't have the time to go.

So we spent the last coins to order us dinner from a machine in a restaurant. Eating in Japan wasn't as expensive as we thought it would be, and every bite we had there was very tasty.

Hambagu with yummy double sauce. 

Made a promise that we will coming back here, someday. 


Eat - That Bacon Stall

I've promised to share you a post about bacon. Now here it is.


Throwback - Motegi Japan 2013

October 2013

Caution: You might love this post if you're into motorbikes.

Don't hate me for this, but my knowledge about motorbike is probably: monkey. A learning monkey, hopefully. But boyfriend's life is all about motorcycle. Last year around this time we made a video that won Airasia's contest to experience live moto GP Motegi circuit, Japan. There were each winner from five countries participated, we got full tickets, accomodation, and everything else all in for 3 days to watch practice, qualification and race day of MotoGP Japan at Motegi Twin Ring Circuit. (With very shallow, clueless tone:) I KNOW, RIGHT???


Throwback - Rod Fai Vintage Market, Bangkok

August 2011

Before my 29th birthday I went for a trip to Bangkok to meet my Thai besties, on that weekend I asked if there’s a vintage market in Bangkok I could make a visit.
So this is where my friend Ju took me.

Childhood Stall

Afternoon Stall

We went to Rod Fai Market straight after we were shopping at Chatucak Market. We were early but some of the vendors already opened their business. They didn’t only sell vintage stuff but there were also food trucks (or vans) and stalls.

   Childhood time         Vending Machine


Eat - Cantonese Dim Sum!

One of what i was so excited about visiting HK is of course.. (drum rolls).. DIM SUM!
And everywhere here dim sum taste reaaaallly goooood. 
I enjoy it much, atmosphere of people just hanging out with loud voices, good food and chinese tea.
When we just got there we picked one place at a market next to Hopewell building in Wancai. 
And came again on our last day just before we are going to fly back. 

Sorry about these blurry phone pictures. my arms were trembling by the yummyness.


Trip - The Hong's

Hong Kong is probably one of my favorite places that i've ever been. 
I enjoy to feel how the city is so organised but very asian freestyling at the same time. 
 I was so happy to be there again even just for a weekend. But this time with my boyfriend!
And more, to visit my old best buddy and his family, the Hongs. 
They even let us stay at their place during the weekend to hang out with them!

Central. ticked.


Eat - Korean Yumyum

Catching up my Korea posts. But this one might be my favorite.


Trip - Nami Island

Have you watched korean classic drama "Winter Sonata"? Neither do i.
But this island is mostly all about it. 
And interesting art installations too :)


Eat - Poo-shaped Pancake

No, seriously. 

When we were walking in the middle of Seoul, my friend suddenly handed this bag to me. 



Trip - Around Seoul

Day 3 we left early and went back to Insadong before it got too crowded. Then visited Bukchon village, then i can't remember anymore because we walked so much and got lost so many times.
Still enjoyed every freezing second of it. 

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