Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eating Cantonese Dim Sum!

One of what i was so excited about visiting HK is of course.. (drum rolls).. DIM SUM!
And everywhere here dim sum taste reaaaallly goooood. 
I enjoy it much, atmosphere of people just hanging out with loud voices, good food and chinese tea.
When we just got there we picked one place at a market next to Hopewell building in Wancai. 
And came again on our last day just before we are going to fly back. 

Sorry about these blurry phone pictures. my arms were trembling by the yummyness.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Hong's

Hong Kong is probably one of my favorite places that i've ever been. 
I enjoy to feel how the city is so organised but very asian freestyling at the same time. 
 I was so happy to be there again even just for a weekend. But this time with my boyfriend!
And more, to visit my old best buddy and his family, the Hongs. 
They even let us stay at their place during the weekend to hang out with them!

Central. ticked.

On our second day we wanted to see Mr. Hong plays ice hockey for an international tournament. 
So we grabbed a quick mc donalds breakfast, it looked like this. 

Pasta soup was so-so. But hash brown was totally much better than what they cook in Indonesia Mcd. 
Not better than hash brown i usually cook in my kitchen though, heehee.

And we watched Mr.Hong in action, he's actually really good! he did hat-trick on the first game and bring the team to a good victory! 

So mean while waiting for the afternoon final, we were wandering around Kowloon area. Went to watch a movie in a dome theater (i was the one who insist to watched this, but then i fell asleep in the middle of the movie- it was only 36 minutes haha). 
Then we went shopping. Please check out some of the few stuff my boyfriend picked from our shopping! (He hates shopping so i just made him to pick things he (or i)'d like for him, that's why they are so cute and kawaii, haha). A puppy portable ashtray, stitch usb flash-drive, meko passport wallet for his sister, and CHI keychains! He's such a fan of Chi Kat from Chi's Sweet Home anime. 
Actually he's such a fan of every cat exist. 

He's also a big fan of this guy. We made it to see him too. Here's a close up. 

Later we went back to see the final game. Too bad the team didnt win, but Mr. Hong won a trophy for  the best forward man for the tournament! 

The next day was the mother's day. We celebrated it with eating good food because that's what our mothers always wanted us to have. (i dont know what i'm typing anymore)

Stanley Beach is a good place to sit and eat and drinking beer. Do you ever had that feeling after some gulp of alcohol or more, then you just suddenly got so excited to go to an amusement park?
Neither do i. But we did anyway.

I'm such a coward so i was the one who take the pictures. 
This thing rotates fastly and it stood up, like vertically. 

After it was done, he hallucinated that he was on a motorbike. So glad he did this after it was done!

On our last day we just had quick breakfast and walked around the market at Wan Cai area. Sat at the dimsum place i will share on the next post. 

And took our last walk back to the Hongs'. for now :)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Korean Yumyum

Catching up my Korea posts. But this one might be my favorite.

 ice cream cones?!

Bulgogi time!

Kimchi jigae, Bulgogi, and Kimchi fried rice...

Probably the best bulgogi i've ever taste!

Kaya toast

And warm chestnuts

I will miss Korea for sure hahaha.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Nami Island

Have you watched korean classic drama "Winter Sonata"? Neither do i.
But this island is mostly all about it. 
And interesting art installations too :)

 This thing, never thought i'd love it that much at that moment.

If this is not an idea to build your house, then it's bottles and mud.

So Winter Sonata is on my list.