Cook - Nasi Kembang Kol

Selamat Tahun Baru 2017..

Resolusi tahun ini adalah menetapkan resolusi untuk tahun 2018. Karena saya tipe orang yang butuh waktu panjang untuk berpikir. 

Tapi kalau ada yang ingin diusahakan, tentu saja ingin lebih sehat. Saya percaya dengan ucapan "Kita adalah apa yang kita makan." Karena sukanya makan yang asam-asam, itu terlihat jelas di wajah saya. Asem.

Lama-lama pun bosan dengan sayur asam.

Juga pun saya percaya untuk pola makan yang sehat dibutuhkan niat yang kuat. Terutama untuk memasak, karena yang sehat-sehat itu kalo gak masak jadinya mahal.

Akhirnya tertantang untuk coba masak sesuatu yang sehat, tapi enak dan gak terlalu mahal.

Salmon mahal sih. Tapi lumayan sih kalo lagi diskon.. dibanding makan di restauran.. boleh lah coba-coba masak sendiri...

Bumbuin dulu potongan salmonnya pakai garam dan lada hitam.

Lumat kembang kol dengan blender atau food processor, 6-8 bonggol kecil, jadinya seperti ini.

Lalu dipanggang kering di atas wajan.

Aduk-aduk sampai setengah matang dan empuk. Bumbui dengan garam sedikit. Ini sudah jadi lho!

Tuang minyak zaitun di wajannya, agak banyak karena kita pengen salmon yang luarnya garing.

Bagian bawahnya harus kena minyak semua agar gak lengket. Lalu diamkan agak lama, jangan dibalik. Percaya pada alam semesta.

Nah karena kurang percaya pada alam semesta, jadinya kurang garing kayak begini. harusnya bisa lebih coklat dan crispy. Kalau sudah dibalik tahan lagi sampai bagian dalamnya kelihatan matang.
Lalu sisihkan dan diamkan biar lanjut proses memasaknya.

Lalu kita bikin sausnya. Potong-potong semua bahan di atas.
Pertama pakai minyak zaitun tumis bawang putih dan bawang merah, lalu tuang cacahan tomat dan bumbui dengan lada hitam dan garam.

Lalu tuang cacahan daun parsley.

Setelah semua sudah layu dan menyatu, tambah beberapa capers.

Kalau semua sudah disatukan jadinya kayak begini.

Bagus ya.. piringnya. Hahaha.
Tapi bener bagus kan piringnya, asli buatan Cigadung keluaran Kandura. Gemes!

Kalau suka, bisa dikasih cilantro segar alias daun ketumbar.

Enaknya dimakan hangat-hangat, jangan kebanyakan difoto nanti keburu dingin.

Lumayan.. lumayan.. masak sendiri, abisin sendiri, abis itu kurang kenyang tapi males masak lagi.


Trip - Birthday Getaway

Last September my best stressed-at-work-buddy arranged... or made me arrange... a trip to celebrate my birthday. Just five days of sunny laughs, white sand, salty water, cold drinks and good food.  

So we went back to Lombok, a place that is close to my heart. It has changed since the last time I visited back in 2013, and sure it has changed a lot since the first time I visited back in 1998. I've always loved the laid-back atmosphere of Lombok. Humble, beautiful, friendly, but very private. With developed resorts and plenty of tourists now, it’s not easy to have that anymore in Lombok. But then my good friend who lives in Lombok took us around the mainland right after we got there. 

This is what I love about nature. Being surrounded by something so wide and beautiful, becoming meaningless. Just enjoy everything and forget about myself.

It was striking hot, but we didn't want to move, we had to stay for a while. I wanted to record every detail in my memory, i wanted to stare at every colour, every shape, and keep them in my mind forever so i will never forget it. 

By the time we almost had heatstroke, we went down the hill to cool down. 

Is there anything better than freezing cold beer on a beautiful beach? 

When it was lunch time we went to this spot, a yoga center, a well-thought building design, a restaurant with fascinating scenery. 

It's another developing beach, Kuta Lombok. Since the airport moved closer to south of the island the area grows and expands rapidly. This place is one of the progressions i really like. 

We sat and chill about 3 hours, drank so many bottles of beer. We went to another beach for sunset and more drinks. Visited Purimas Lombok for their entertainment nights and probably one of the most delicious dinner i've ever had. Their ravioli spinaci was the bomb. 

The next morning we woke up at this beautiful paradise, Purimas Garden is always be a place i want to stay in every time i visit this island. Its a hidden gem, a stunning spot to getaway and relax, with the friendliest people to welcome you in.

This path is a direct access to the private outdoor bathroom, next to private massage room, next to our room, next to our private jacuzzi. It is just a place that makes you think 'why am i here with my friend?'


In the morning there was Lisa, an adorable pitbull. She's always playing around the resorts with her partner Sultan, a charming golden retriever. They are super friendly and so happy hanging out with everyone. They'd sit next on our legs while we were having breakfast at the terrace. They would also lay beside us while we were sunbathing. Really made this place feel like home. It is freeing and remote at the same time. 

After we got in Gili island, we walked to the northern part. While on our way there i was a bit surprised to see the whole round of the island already filled with resorts, beach restaurants, and sadly, big hotel buildings. The first time i visited the island some places didn't even have electricity and depends on kerosene for their lightnings. 

We went straight to Mexican Kitchen, A restaurant and bar run by a good friend, serving authentic Mexican food and drinks. It's one of the best spot for sunset. 

Very generous portion, with personal touches, lots of vegetables, and the best thing: so tasty to have with beer. 


We ordered two dishes at first because we already had big lunch. Somehow we end up eating 6 dishes in the afternoon. Probably 9 bottles of beer.. All i can remember it was such a good place to be. 

And there i had the sunset i had been missing so much. 

Oh on the other days, we just do repetition of swimming, drinking, and eating.

Our favorite place to spend the day is of course the famous Gili's Scallywags. If it is not their professional service i recommend, even more the buffet they serve for breakfast and dinner. 

Good sausages and bacon, homemade granolas and fresh juice. 

Strawberry granita kicking best, just before we jumped into the water. 

It's funny that no matter what, i always wake up early whenever i stay near the beach. Sea feels the greatest in the morning. When the sun gets so hot, but the water is still chill. 

So we were basically drinking salty water and alcohol, all over in repeat. until we got tired. Everyday. 


On the last day, i woke up even earlier for another tick on my list. The sunrise. 

There you are...

I did a little macrame to leave on the beach. While recording that diamond water look on my mind. 


Always i can count on Lombok. Thank you again. 

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