Trip - Yogyakarta

July 2016

Last month i went to the loveliest city Yogyakarta with my best friends, for a wedding to attend, and a special birthday to celebrate.

We took this Merapi Jeep tour for around two hours, visiting the leftovers of 2010 Merapi Eruption. I wasn't too excited about this tour, but it appeared much more interesting than i expected it would be.

Our first stop used to be a river dam, but now it just covered with greens from the volcano's fertility.  It made a beautiful scenery. People still passes this bridge, they still live around this area.

Then we continued the trip to an ex house that transformed into a memorial spot of the eruption. The villagers put the things that was affected by pyroclastic flow.

Wedhus gembel, volcanic ash, lava fragments, with temperature of 1000 C, moving downhill through the villages, grow bigger and almost as fast as gravity. It was impossible to avoid.

I found a few of the botanical loveliness which were unique. Like this edelweiss buds growing wild on various corners. Too bad they pick and colour the bloomed ones to be sold to the tourist. It would be much more enjoyable if they let them grow into fields.

And of course so many poses.

During our time in Yogyakarta we stayed at two houses of our friends. And there's something about Yogya's houses it dragged me into nostalgic sense. Details of equipments, vintage goods, old school appliances, and the most is everyone's heartiness and geniality.

Yogyakarta is the place you'd always feel welcome, and comfortable.

After three days of shopping, soto breakfasting, and lots of singing, we had to go home.
Before going home my friends insisted to get gelatos at this place. Or was it me?

I cried of its good taste. A place to come back to.

Thank you for this trip. I will treasure it for life.


Throwback - Karang Aji

December 2008

Went back to one of the best memories i had with my best friend.
We were on year-end holiday and really want a place to get away from the city.

I suggested to go to this place i had been wanting to go to. So we did a road trip for 3 hours to this surfers' favorite beach.

Indian Ocean!

Endless blue and green scenery.

We finally found our destination on a corner.
This building has 10 different rooms and other facilities like recreational space, kitchen, even swimming pool.


The best spot was this main room on the edge, it has bathroom and cozy bed too. We just didn't have the guts to sleep in such height.

So we picked the modest one, which was also comfortable and has a great view.

We spend three days and two nights here, doing almost nothing.  
Drinking wine, walk to the beach, smoking joints, chat with neighbours, and eating A LOT. 
Which describes a perfect getaway.

Of course we also took a climb to that viewing point. 

Took a pizza bet to get there, but the view was priceless.

7 years has passed and still looking for a chance to go back here. Soon, maybe. 


Explore - In Love with Plants

I got very excited when i see plants. It makes me happy just to stare at them. 

That's why every once in a while i spent some time to go to places that has collection of plants. With intention to learn and just to see new species, i always end up broke. And i will never learn.

This place is about one hour from where i live, on weekdays. If it's weekend i will need 5 hours to get there. So taking a day off from work was totally worth it.

Green houses are always be my destination, i know that's where they keep the good ones. I also know that would be the place where i will lose my money. 
This place has five greenhouses. 

Like women in general, i like to shop. So when i started to like to garden, i made a promise to myself, to never buy plants unless if it can be harvested, or if it is succulent. Because succulents relatively easy to take care of, the risk to waste money for crying a dead plants is lower. 

But would you please see what they have inside. 

I just didn't know what to do, what to think...

Those burrows tails..

.. and finger succulents..

I just had to get out from there... after 3 hours or so...

How can you not loving these... i think just to see its textures is already comforting.

Loving these leaves particularly. White young leaves turned into green, with dark magenta color on the back. SO PRETTY!! they are just leaves i know but it's really pretty!!

After i got home i took pics of some of the plants i got, the ones with flowers.  

And these are the folks until a couple of months ago. 

I keep adding a few, some of them are already grown now. Still love them as much, if not more. 
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