Trip - Yogyakarta

July 2016

Last month i went to the loveliest city Yogyakarta with my best friends, for a wedding to attend, and a special birthday to celebrate.

We took this Merapi Jeep tour for around two hours, visiting the leftovers of 2010 Merapi Eruption. I wasn't too excited about this tour, but it appeared much more interesting than i expected it would be.

Our first stop used to be a river dam, but now it just covered with greens from the volcano's fertility.  It made a beautiful scenery. People still passes this bridge, they still live around this area.

Then we continued the trip to an ex house that transformed into a memorial spot of the eruption. The villagers put the things that was affected by pyroclastic flow.

Wedhus gembel, volcanic ash, lava fragments, with temperature of 1000 C, moving downhill through the villages, grow bigger and almost as fast as gravity. It was impossible to avoid.

I found a few of the botanical loveliness which were unique. Like this edelweiss buds growing wild on various corners. Too bad they pick and colour the bloomed ones to be sold to the tourist. It would be much more enjoyable if they let them grow into fields.

And of course so many poses.

During our time in Yogyakarta we stayed at two houses of our friends. And there's something about Yogya's houses it dragged me into nostalgic sense. Details of equipments, vintage goods, old school appliances, and the most is everyone's heartiness and geniality.

Yogyakarta is the place you'd always feel welcome, and comfortable.

After three days of shopping, soto breakfasting, and lots of singing, we had to go home.
Before going home my friends insisted to get gelatos at this place. Or was it me?

I cried of its good taste. A place to come back to.

Thank you for this trip. I will treasure it for life.


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