Learn - Sunflower Life Cycle

Sunflower/ Bunga Matahari
Helianthus, from Greek hēlios (sun) and anthos (flower)

A collague went back from a field trip, and she shared some seeds.

The girls at my office, we somehow are weirdly addicted to snacking sunflower seeds. I think it's contagious. But the goal of sharing seeds was to produce our own organic snacks. Which to hear it again now, is very ambitious. 

So i brought home and sowed some. 

It was even not a week yet and it grew happily like this. 

Repotted them, but then my dad was too excited, he fertilized them. All of it, died.
They rested and i was not in peace.

Good thing, the ones that were sowed at the office grew very well. 

I watched them growing everyday.

I got very excited every morning i arrived at the office.

Everyday i greeted them and said hello

I asked how are you.

And stared at those beautiful gradations they have


"And.. welcome."

Sun shines sunny shines. 

They are not only being pretty, they also attract birds and bugs who help controlling garden pests.

Isn't it great to witness all of these lives. 

Bugs are always welcome !

Grasshopers love them too. 

We have around 10 of them now. 

It gets bigger and bigger.

I also watch them changing

Life cycles

Accepting it

Because it gives new hopes.

I can't hardly wait for the next cycle to begin.


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