Eat - Jian Bing

Something i always miss regularly. 

JIAN-BING!!! [put handclaps and  happy cheers here.]
If you're still confused what Jian bing is, i can tell you it's a kind of

CHINESE CRISPY SAVOURY CREPES!! [put back your handclaps and  happy cheers here.]

This stall i found on a road at Fuzhou and i couldn't be happier the second i saw it. 

Swipe the dough all over the heated surface

Swipe swipe swipe

Crack an egg and scramble all over.

Put some tong cai on it. If you never heard tong cai before, i don't know how to explain it.  

Spring Onions, Spread all over.

First fold.

Put sauce. Prepare crackers.

Second fold,

Like that.

I used to have this almost everyday in Beijing, with smoked ham fillings. And double egg. 

This original vegetarian version is equally gooooood.
Soooo sooooooo goooooooooooooood.


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