Throwback - Fuzhou, 回来中国

March 2014

Exactly a year ago, my office sent me to attend the first BirdFair in the China Mainland, held in Fuzhou of Fujian Province.

2005 i left my heart China, after staying a miraculous year of studying the major of having fun and drink cheap booze while eating delicious food. That year was one of the best in my life and i had 6 months jobfriendsandinterestless depression right after i got home.

So yes i was very excited to smell the air of China no matter how you judge the air of china. I missed everything, every little detail from how the taste of food to the fact not every restaurant serve you drink in there. I was very excited!

I inhaled for almost 1 minute the time my foot stepped in Fuzhou. i failed to pick up my mandarin but after three days i made it to communicate. At least to shop.

We had a chance to visit Minjian Wetland Estuary,it was the highlight of the trip.

 We had to wait about 2 hours for the low tide


And this is what we did. I never did any wetland birding before, it was something new.

 On the way back i saw fields of celery. Sooooo dreamy.


I was very happy that i had the chance to come back. 
I have been travelling to East and South East Asia, i always feel like China is the place where everything comes from. 

I also had the time to visit the old town square 三坊七巷 (Three Lanes and Seven Alleys). I heard most of the chinese ancestors who come to South East Asia were from Fujian. So it was really nice to see Foochow culture and history. And FOOD! never forget about the food. 


In the same area we went in to Lin Zexu Memorial Hall.
Copying from Wikipedia, Lin Zexu was a Chinese scholar and official of the Qing dynasty. Lin's forceful opposition to the opium trade on economic, moral, and social grounds is considered to be the primary catalyst for the First Opium War of 1839–42. 

Interesting thing they told a humble history about when opium paralyzed the country.

Museums in China have alot of adorable art works where you can't doubt their skill of art. 


And wood carving,

Also paper cuttings from the souvenir shop.

I also went to a franchised paper museum. For a craft-lover like me, it was really really fun to be there. Everything there was made from paper. 

There was also time for shopping, of course.

I might have shopped too much. But would you look at those tea sets?

And those pairs of shoes?

At some point i didnt have anough hands to bring my shopping bags. And needed to rest.

So we tried the legendary Fuzhou Fishball. You can't imagine how good is this thing taste. 
This was the moment when i felt like i was going back to my roots.

On the last day i made a quick visit to my other favorite thing in mainland China.
Supermarket! The products is always fresh and super cheap.

Everything is bigger in China.

With more choices.

Just when we about to leave the hotel, this cutie asked to shake hand when i said hello. 

China i'm coming back again for sure. 


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