Learn - Dragonfly

Straight-edged Red Parasol (Neurothemis terminata)

Dragonfly is probably the most insect i could bear. Well, beside the cute ladybugs. And butterflies.. and.. any other beautiful colorful insects i can't remember right now.

Most thing i like about dragonflies is the fact that they eat mosquitoes.

There are more than 5000 species of dragonfly worldwide. We human, homo species, has been having only 8 species, and we, the only still exist homo in this worldwide is just a/one/single left species called Homo sapiens sapiens.

The other fact i like about them is they actually can fly really like helicopter. like up and down, hover and they could mate mid-air! (i know.. i know..)

The eyes contain up to 30,000 lenses, and they are taking most of the part of its head, with ability to see nearly 360 degress around it all the times. Wicked!

And this is my favorite part: here, there's an old myth if you tickle your kid's belly button with a dragonfly's tail, your kid would actually stop wetting the bed at night.. hahaha.


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