Trip - A Bay at The East

There are some moments when a place, weather, and people you are with, collide so perfectly. I usually adding the food element to make it even more unforgettable,but umm my point is to share one of those moments here.

This beautiful hidden bay at somewhere of east Indonesia, i get to visit on a Friday off while i was on a working trip. The beach was just so pretty, clear crystal water with a volcano background, covered with vegetation and no one else swimming beside us. I went there with very happy fun going colleagues from the site office, and they made the sunny day even much better and enjoyable. 

There are moments when everything goes so nice, you don't  think about anything even yourself, and what you do is just enjoying every second of it. 

I wish this place would stay the same forever and ever.

 Welcoming us

 Scenery along the walks

 Going ups..

 And down..

 Hello beach :)

 Can't wait to dip in

So i did.

 They suddenly got a boat don't ask me how.

 Sunny sunny day

Sunny morning cool water

 Here comes my transport



Love love love. 

There are moments i wish it's forever.


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