Eat - Dakgalbi Reunion and Hello Kitty Cafe

Arrived very early in Seoul. Check in to a very nice homestay in the heart of Seoul, studio41st. This place is very recommended. Managers and staffs are so friendly, they care about what we need, and they have everything in the studio room. From internet, tv, to stove, washing machine and fridge. Its very clean and comfortable too!

Departing from 32 C and arriving at 0 C was really something. at lunch time we settled, my ex flatmates was already waiting for us. And after 7 years we didnt see each other at all, we felt nothing change. And they remember well my favorite korean food, dakgalbi, they took me straight to have a dakgalbi lunch :)

This is the when i get overexcited and they had to tell me to back off a bit (worried that i'd finish all the food before it's cooked. i probably would.)

Part 1, finished this in a very short time.

Part 2 is my favorite, when they add rice to the leftover sauce.

Part 3, and suprisingly made heart shape out of it. So cute.

Part 4 is when i want to take a pic but can't wait to put this on my mouth. 

We stayed at Hongdae area which is a university area (read: good food, cheap alcohol, and kawaii things!). There are also so many lovely cafes in this area. I wish i could make a visit to each of those cafes, but too bad we didnt have enough time (or money!).

Hello Kitty Cafe as a highlight for you to see.

I actually took more pics in this cafe. But everything was pink inside there, it ruined the lightning of my camera, seriously. Here's one just for a proof. 


These beautiful ladies were so kind to take us to shop. They had to wait for me so long at stationery stores because, well, i could stay forever in stationery stores. 

I took so many pictures of street foods (and so few pictures of other things). There are too many of it, i will write a special post about it. 

This kind of tent on the street, was one of our to-dos when we visited Korea. If you watch Korean Drama movies, this is where they go to drink when they are having a hard time or problems they can't solve, or having a very serious discussion about life. So we sat there, putting on some depressed faces, and ordered bottles of soju. 

Okay it was just one bottle of soju (and loads of food). 


Toppoki. We had this everyday there. So good.

Okay we actually didn't finish that bottle. Not even half. 


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