I've learned to drive and i drive my own car everyday now
i've done 3 times trip back to lombok and bali after
i took the intensive french course for 3 months before i went to china.
and now i mixed my french with my mandarin, because i did live in china for a year to learn mandarin, chinese calligraphy & painting..

my novels were arranged alphabetical, now its not anymore.
i am addicted to CNN news,
i got myself a new hardisk, it crashed 2 years ago, lost all my mp3s and so many more.
i've had 4 designs of name cards since then,
my cds cassettes and dvds now are alphabetical, and i still havent watched many of it.
framed rolling stones & beatles poster have been there for years.
i've been browsing design sites, chinese sites, music sites, translator sites, sites about dogs, sites about art and artists, gourmet sites, travelling sites, history sites, interesting story sites, tvshow sites and many more you can find everywhere, anything beside dating sites.

i didnt plan to gather friends from all over the world, but i did.
i didnt plan to travel to South East Asia, but i do.
i didnt plan to work for a wildlife conservation NGO, but i am now.

i still want to learn how to ride motorbike
i still want to travel all over australia
i still want to learn more french
i still want to learn more mandarin and chinese arts

dreams always be dreams but that's how you live and survive.


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